Favorite Wine-Food Pairing

I am a foodie…well, maybe a foodie snob!  I have always loved cooking, so pairing wine properly can elevate my dishes to new heights.  When I take the time to create a beautiful meal, I want it to dazzle my family and friends, tickle their taste buds, and leave them with a smile on their face. How about you? What is your favorite wine and food pairing?  Can you limit it to just one? Please share your ultimate combination!

I am interested in either general pairings like…


   (salmon and  Pinot Noir)


or specific pairings…


( fresh shucked Gillardeau oysters with Muscadet -Melon de Bourgogne grape-from Sèvre-et-Maine).

I can’t wait to see what are your ideal wine and food partners!!  Thank you for sharing…cheers!

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Holiday Gifting Made Simple- Boisset Gift Gallery

Need that perfect gift for your top clients, star employees, wine loving friends?  Let Boisset make it easy!  Receive $5.00 shipping on ALL Gift Gallery orders through November 15th!

http://my.boissetcollection.com/susiewhipple  * shop under gift gallery.  Questions, shoot me a message and I will be happy to assist you in any way.

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“Die Hard” Chicago Sports Fan


This post has absolutely nothing to do with wine, but it shares a bit about me! I have lived in Illinois most of my life. As a young girl I quickly became a “fan” of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears. My grandmother was a BIG Cubs fan. I used to go to her house with my older brother in the summer.  On Ladies’ Day we would take the “L” into Chicago to go to the game.  As I grew up I watched many a game on TV but I hadn’t been back to Wrigley in many years. My husband and I took my Dad, another Cubs/ Bears lifetime fan, to a game against the Brewers back in September.  The day was beautiful, the results not so great…we lost.   Next year we will try to get there more often and hopefully they will win.  We did win the WORLD SERIES 2016 and are on the way to that event this year…just have to get past the Dodgers and their bullpen!  BELIEVE!!!! Go CUBS go!!!

One of my best memories growing up was spending Sunday afternoons watching football on TV with my Dad.  I had never been to an actual game until 2 years ago. Lance Briggs gave my niece tickets and she took me to my 1st live game in Soldier Field!!  Thank you Amber!!! This past week, my youngest brother, his wife, and our dad attended the Monday night Bears-Vikings game.  What a great night!  The pregame activities, the game- even though we lost (am I a jinx?? LOL)- made for another memory to store away.  My husband and I will be heading back to Soldier Field in November with our good friends to watch the Bears play the Packers.  We typically “tailgate” in their garage to watch them play- Cindy is the only Packers fan- but this years we decided to actually attend the game.  Can’t wait.  Hoping for a Bears victory!!!  Bear Down!!!!



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Wildfires Strike Again

As the California wildfires are becoming more contained, news of another wine industry tragedy is happening in Spain and Portugal.  Please read from the CNN link below.  My heart goes out to those affected…praying for you and hoping for the best very soon.

Portugal and Spain wildfires kill at least 39 people – CNN – CNN.com

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Boisset Collection- 2016 “Honoris” Cabernet Sauvignon

Boisset Collection will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the 2016 Honoris Cabernet Sauvignon to “WINE COUNTRY RELIEF”.

“A Wine that Honors our Community and First Responders. One hundred percent of proceeds will go to wine country relief. A joint effort of Winemakers Brian Maloney and Stephanie Putnam, Honoris is a 2016 Napa Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon that represents the 2016 vintage majestically … An elegant and refined Cabernet for your cellar, and a way to share your commitment and contribution to the wine country.

The word “Honoris” in Latin means to honor and be honored; therefore, we honor all the people that are contributing to the relief efforts in the wake of this tragedy, and we have the honor of helping all those in need…

Only 3600 bottles of this wine were made. If your desire is to help, we are asking you today to purchase this wine, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Napa Community Fund, Sonoma Resilience Fund and Bay Area Firefighters and Families . Our goal is to sell out this wine entirely this week so that we can donate the money now to help others who need it immediately…it will be over $150,000! These three organizations ensure our efforts remain local, have an immediate impact, and reach the communities and the first responders that have been affected by this tragedy directly.”

(Boisset Wine Living website description)

This wine will be shipped in early December.

To place your order and support the much needed relief efforts of rebuilding , please visit my website:


Any and all orders will help! You may also contact me via email- sjonzac@aol.com

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Tragedy in the Wine Industry



The devastating wildfires in California continue to burn and Mother Nature isn’t helping.  Winds are can, and are expected, to increase and this will make the job of the firefighters even more challenging.  The loss of lives, homes, businesses, wineries, and vineyards is staggering. My heart goes out to all who are suffering. May the fires be contained quickly so the healing can begin.


I recently read an excellent article, written by Elin McCoy, that describes what has been happening in major wine producing countries in Europe and in California. Frosts, hailstorms, extreme heat, and now fires… Mother Nature hasn’t been very kind. (See below for the link.) This article was written in September, before these horrific fires.


Until the fires are extinguished completely, the full impact they will have  remains unknown. The wine industry will be changed forever!  This is a life changing event that will be extremely tough to cope and deal with, but I am hopeful the spirit of the people will prevail. The winemakers I have met are passionate about what they do…their drive, their love for their profession is in their blood.  Their eyes light up when they are speaking about their vines, the grapes, the wines…I pray they find the strength and support to rebuild. Support can come in many ways, from many avenues…I hope much will be given to those in need.


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Looking for a New Adventure?

Calling all people persons, wine lovers, seekers of new adventures, side-job searchers… become a part of the Boisset family and accomplish all of the above! Incredible wines, weekly training and support, delicious, exclusive wines, fun, new friendships, and much, much more.  You are you own BOSS!! The possibilities are endless as to where you can take your business.  How about a trip to France?  It is possible!  Not quite sure…send me a message and we can talk about this wonderful opportunity. What have you to lose? I’ll be here waiting for you!  Come join me and let the adventure begin! Cheers




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