Tragedy in the Wine Industry



The devastating wildfires in California continue to burn and Mother Nature isn’t helping.  Winds are can, and are expected, to increase and this will make the job of the firefighters even more challenging.  The loss of lives, homes, businesses, wineries, and vineyards is staggering. My heart goes out to all who are suffering. May the fires be contained quickly so the healing can begin.


I recently read an excellent article, written by Elin McCoy, that describes what has been happening in major wine producing countries in Europe and in California. Frosts, hailstorms, extreme heat, and now fires… Mother Nature hasn’t been very kind. (See below for the link.) This article was written in September, before these horrific fires.


Until the fires are extinguished completely, the full impact they will have  remains unknown. The wine industry will be changed forever!  This is a life changing event that will be extremely tough to cope and deal with, but I am hopeful the spirit of the people will prevail. The winemakers I have met are passionate about what they do…their drive, their love for their profession is in their blood.  Their eyes light up when they are speaking about their vines, the grapes, the wines…I pray they find the strength and support to rebuild. Support can come in many ways, from many avenues…I hope much will be given to those in need.


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3 Responses to Tragedy in the Wine Industry

  1. Great post, and I’ve been enjoying reading your previous posts as well. We live in Napa and feel extremely lucky and grateful to have survived the fires – we dodged three separate times. We posted on Friday about how proud we are of our community – check it out:


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