Wine Trivia- Did you get the Correct Answers?

How did you do on those questions from Wine Trivia 1 and 2? For the experts in the crowd, they may have been too simple…but then I am not trying to offer information to the experts!  (Sorry, you know more than me!) My goal is to reach those learning  or wanting to learn about wine for their enjoyment or their curiosity. Let’s take a look at the answers.

Trivia #1

Easy level:

1. white  2. red  3. red  4. white  5. white  6. red  7. red  8. white  9. red  10. red

Moderate level:

1. red  2. white  3. red  4. white  5. red  6. red  7. white  8. white  9. red  10. red

Difficult  level:

1. white  2. white  3. red  4. red  5. red  6. red  7. white  8. white  9. red  10. red

Were you able to identify the type of grape?  Which were the hardest?  Have you tasted wines from these grapes…no? I hope you take the plunge and try a few new varietals soon!!

Trivia #2

Beginner level:

1. France  2. US -California  3. France  4. US -Oregon  5. US – California 6. US -New York  7. Germany  8. US -Washington St/Oregon 9. US -Washington St  10. France

Moderate level:

1. US -Washington St  2. New Zealand – South Island  3. Australia  4. Argentina

5. Germany  6. New Zealand- South Island  7. South Africa  8. Greece  9. Italy

10. Spain

Advanced  level:

1. Spain  2. Greece  3. Chile  4. South Africa  5. US -Virginia  6. Hungary 7. Portugal

8. Italy  9. Austria  10. Argentina

Are you a wine geographer?  Makes you want to go look at maps and talk to a travel agent right?! I will post some more trivia questions in the coming weeks.  Keep the paper and pencil handy. Thanks for playing…Cheers!



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