Wine Trivia Time

As we enter into the fall season when the days get shorter and the sun sets a bit sooner every day, I think of things to do indoors.  I am a trivia “geek”- love to learn new facts whether they are pertinent to my life at the moment or not. I am constantly trying to gain new knowledge, especially as it pertains to wine.  So, to help me, I will offer my followers some wine trivia.  We will start out easy…promise!  Play along and test yourself! No cheating! 🙂


Match these grape varietals to their wine style.

Easy level:

  1. Chardonnay-                                    red?        white?
  2. Pinot Noir       –                                red?        white?
  3. Grenache-                                         red?        white?
  4. Riesling-                                            red?        white?
  5. Sauvignon Blanc-                            red?         white?
  6. Cabernet Franc-                              red?         white?
  7. Merlot-                                              red?         white?
  8. Pinot Blanc-                                     red?         white?
  9. Cabernet Sauvignon-                     red?          white?
  10. Zinfandel-                                        red?          white?        Too easy? Let’s ramp it up a bit.

Moderate level:

  1. Pinot Meunier-                              red?          white?
  2. Roussanne-                                    red?          white?
  3. Shiraz-                                            red?          white?
  4. Chenin Blanc-                               red?          white?
  5. Mourvèdre-                                   red?          white?
  6. Sangiovese-                                   red?          white?
  7. Viognier-                                        red?          white?
  8. Cortese-                                          red?         white?
  9. Carignan-                                       red?          white?
  10. Petit Verdot-                                 red?          white?           Not hard enough?

Difficult level:

  1. Picpoul-                                         red?          white?
  2. Malagouzia-                                 red?           white?
  3. Zweigelt-                                       red?           white?
  4. Dornfelder-                                  red?           white?
  5. Mazuelo-                                       red?           white?
  6. Cannonau-                                    red?           white?
  7. Loureiro-                                      red?            white?
  8. Parallada-                                     red?            white?
  9. Corvina-                                        red?            white?
  10. Pais-                                               red?            white?

How did you do?  Take your learning to a new level by researching where these grapes are grown and what their flavor profile is like…who knows, you may find a new favorite!



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