Boisset Ambassador Academy with Marnie Old

Jean-Charles Boisset, the passionate man, who with his sister, is responsible for the Boisset Collection. The Boisset Wine Living portion of this amazing company guides ambassadors to grow their own businesses, learn about wine and share that with their friends, families, and all interested wine lovers.  My journey began in January of 2015.  I have had the pleasure of listening to training sessions with Marnie Old many times, but last weekend I was thrilled to attend a 4 hour session with her in person.  Who is Marnie Old?  She is a sommelier, educator, author, and presenter.


“Philadelphia Sommelier Marnie Old is one of the country’s leading wine and beer authors and a gifted educator. Her refreshingly direct approach, irrepressible energy and emphasis on real-world relevance are a breath of fresh air in the stuffy wine profession.”(Google search- Old Wines LLC -Marnie Old)  Do your own search to learn more about this delightful, exceptional wine guru who makes learning interesting and simplifies the complicated world of wine for the average wine drinker. You will not be disappointed!

Marnie has worked extensively with the Boisset portfolio, placing each wine into one of 5 categories: Vivacious (bright, tangy, refreshing), Voluptuous (rich, toasty, opulent), Elegant (tart, earthy, food-oriented), Sensuous (plump, smooth, crowd-pleasing), and Powerful (inky, intense, concentrated).  We all know that wines can change with each vintage… they can also change category.  Her presentation focused on helping us navigate our way through wine characteristics: weight, acidity, flavor, sweetness, aroma, alcohol levels, ripeness of fruit. We learned that it is the grape variety, the vineyard environment, and the impact of the winemaker that make the wines.

We experimented with adding salty, sweet, and fatty food bites to demonstrate how food pairing can alter or elevate a wine. Two flights of 6 wines were tasted- spit and dumped for the most part- took us through every category in the portfolio. My wine preferences lean towards the Vivacious (especially sparkling), Elegant (love French Pinot Noirs), and Sensuous (blends that are so approachable) wines.  I do enjoy Voluptuous and Powerful wines, but they must be paired appropriately with food… they are not “sipping” wines for me. I was so excited to get her book, “Wine A Tasting Course”!  I love the graphics!!  I will be able to use Marnie’s information to further educate my customers in a very easy to understand format. Thank you, Marnie!!  The 4 hours flew by…the training was extremely helpful and informative. A great way to spend time on a  Saturday.


**The last photo was taken by Diane Hart.


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Owner of Tasteful Adventures- private in-home wines tastings Boisset Wine Living Ambassador- private and corporate wine tastings and direct to consumer sales, corporate gifting, Wine Educator, Sommelier- Level 1 Court of Master Sommelier, BASSETT Certification, French Wine Scholar, Member Guild of Sommeliers
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