Valentine’s Day


A special day that dates back to the 5th century… one filled with love, candy, flowers, romance, and yes, even sadness. It is said that St. Valentine was  clergyman who , during the period of time when Christians were persecuted by the Romans, was arrested and imprisoned for marrying Christian couples. He was put to death on February 14th. Before his death it is said he left a note for the jailer’s daughter signed, “From your Valentine”.  In 1415, Charles Duke of Orleans, was imprisoned in the Tower of London. He wrote a love poem to his wife, making this one of the oldest “sent” Valentine’s. Today over 1 billion cards are sent each year!

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Flowers are another traditional gift for this amorous celebration, especially roses.. About 200,000 million roses are sent or purchased and given to that special loved one. Red and pink are probably the most common colors. Bouquets of all flowers also leave the florists to bring messages of love to Valentine’s all over the world. I love roses, but my favorite flower is the simple, spicy scented carnation.  They last forever, so I can enjoy them for weeks.  I received 3 dozen this year- pink, white, and red!!! I have them in multiple vase throughout my house so I can gazed upon them, breathe in their scent and smile, knowing my husband of almost 29 yrs, loves me greatly!!!

The chocolate industry also benefits from this love-filled day. It is believed that Richard Cadbury was the 1st to create a Valentine’s Day heart shaped candy box of chocolates back in the 1860’s. The trend continues today.  I remember my first heart shaped box of chocolates…I was in 8th grade, the boy was “cute” and I thought I was so special!  So, snuggle up to that loved one, tell them how important they are to you, and remember… any day can be “Valentine’s Day” when love is in your heart.


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