Thanksgiving Recipe Sharing

What a better way to share than with recipes!  I have enjoyed cooking since I was 8 years old.  I own so many cookbooks, but I seldom “follow” a recipe.  I read them, I watch cooking shows, and then I create!!  My poor husband has  reoccurring questions- “Did you write down what you made this with?” and “Do you remember how you made it?”  The answer is usually “no”. Unfortunately, some of my best dishes were off the cuff.

I am blessed to have an enormous family- 5 brothers, 2 sisters- we are all married and have 21 children between us…along with 3 grandchildren!!  Our family gatherings are never dull!  For Thanksgiving, I am responsible for the sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables- yeah!!!  I am an unusual person in that I have never, ever liked marshmallows- too sweet for me.  Years ago, when I was a teacher, I had the delightful pleasure of joining the rest of the staff for a Thanksgiving meal prepared by our Pilgrim and Indian “costumed” 1st graders.  I fell in love with the savory sweet potatoes…no MARSHMALLOWS!!!!! I have since tweaked the recipe to my and my family’s liking.  Here is my recipe.  ***  FYI- I rarely measure, a skill I picked up from my great-grandmother Rose, so I will make my best attempt to help you recreate this delicious dish.  Remember, I make these for 45+ people, so you can adjust to fit your needs.

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Susie’s Sweet Potatoes

To begin, find several different types of sweet potatoes or yams.  I always include the Red Garnet, but there are so many options.  Select 3-5 different potatoes…clean, chop into large chunks, and boil until soft.  Peel the chunks and mash in a large bowl.  Add a bit of orange juice to create the creamy texture you prefer.  Season with butter, sea salt, a bit of pepper, and a dash or two of cinnamon, nutmeg, or both- your preference.  I add all ingredients very sparingly and adjust as needed.  If you truly want a tad more sweetness, add a bit of dark brown sugar…just a bit.  These can be made ahead of time.  I make mine on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day, when I get to my sister’s, I stir them and reheat at a lower temperature. If the oven is in used, I will use the microwave.  One of the best “compliments” I have received time and time again is the fact that our many children, when infants, devoured my sweet potatoes!! Enjoy!!!

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