Château Lascombes- Margaux, Bordeaux

The first scheduled visit on my “wine journey” through the Bordeaux wine region, was Château Lascombes in Margaux, which is an area on the left bank of the Gironde. Dominique Befve, Bénédicte, and Karine, made my visit a reality!  Merci beaucoup!

Dating back to the XVII century, Château Lascombes became a Grand Cru Classé – Second Growth château with the 1855 Classification. The terroir of the vineyards around Lascombes is varied, providing optimal use of multiple varietals- Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot.  The average age of the vines is about 35 years. At harvest- la vendange- the grapes are manually picked, weather permitting, at their peak. Mother Nature doesn’t always comply, but decisions are made daily, sometimes at the last moment, to go forward or to wait for a more optimal flavors and ripening. The best grapes will be used for the “grand vin” the château’s first wine, so timing is everything!

We began my tour with a stroll through the vineyard, then a visit to the chai to see the awaiting vats.  The enormous containers will hold the precious “juice” as it undergoes two fermentations- alcoholic and malolactic- each critical to the wines development. Continuing then to the rooms filled with barriques- aging barrels that are made of French oak from a few different “tonnelleries”- barrel makers- with multiple toast levels, or chars. It is this mixture of various types of oak and char levels that add to the wine’s complexity. From here we took a peek into the cellar where I found wine bottles dating back to the late 1800’s.  To conclude the official visit we went into the beautiful, vine-covered château for a delicious “dégustation”- tasting.  What a pleasure for my tastebuds!!  The finale of my visit was  spending time with M Befve, the Managing Director, in the salon of the château, chatting and sipping a glass of Tattinger champagne!  I plan on returning one day to participate in the vendange! Santé!!

Château Lascombes

Château Lascombes


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