Need a good wine to go with that Easter chocolate?

Jelly beans, marshmallow chicks…chocolate! Traditional Easter candies, the best, in my opinion being the jelly beans and the chocolates…dark chocolates in particular. So after that delicious Easter meal when you crave that bit of sweetness, don’t cork the bottle of wine! Instead, savor the chocolates with your perfectly paired red wine. I offer the following options…all from the Boisset collection. Lockwood’s Liquid Velvet, as smooth as it’s name…Raymond Napa Valley Zinfandel, or my personal favorite, from the Frenchie winery,  the Napoleon Cabernet. What a balanced symphony of deliciousness! !
These three wines can accompany your roasted leg of lamb and move onto that choclate bunny or truffle egg without any worry.
Happy Easter! Santé!


About sommeliersusie

Owner of Tasteful Adventures- private in-home wines tastings Boisset Wine Living Ambassador- private and corporate wine tastings and direct to consumer sales, corporate gifting, Wine Educator, Sommelier- Level 1 Court of Master Sommelier, BASSETT Certification, French Wine Scholar, Member Guild of Sommeliers
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